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If you aren't engaging the power of repetition in your follow-up marketing... you're missing a huge opportunity.

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Isn't It Time You Got Your Monthly Newsletter Started?

Today You Can

Just Try My Monthly Customized Client Newsletter Program for
Two Months. I'll Only Charge You $2.00. You'll Save $1071

That's right. I'll create and layout a monthly newsletter for you for two months for only $2. We'll do all the work of creating the content so you can have an already done tool to drip market to your existing clients as well as to all your old, unconverted prospects.

And, we'll customize it for you. You colors... your logo... your contact details. And if you are the least bit motivated and provide us with some of your own stuff, we'll put that into the newsletter as well. But if you aren't... we'll provide all the content you need.

Then when we're done we'll send it to you in two formats.

  1. A print ready, high resolution PDF prepared to send to your printer. The best use of this monthly newsletter is sending it in hard-copy format to your clients. It's designed for that. It is just a much more effective approach showing up in physical format.
  2. A low resolution PDF prepared to use as a download on your website or email attachment. While we provide this I don't recommend trying to send an email newsletter as the most effective approach. You can no longer be sure it's getting through. And if I am paying for you to try it, why not invest in printing and mailing it the first two months?

Now, if you act quickly, I'll provide you a trial period for two entire months and waive the one time set-up fee of $275. I'll only charge you $2.00 for everything. That's a savings of $1071 over what it would normally cost you.

I am doing this because I want you to see how powerful a drip marketing newsletter program can be for you. I want you to try it. I want you to get this newsletter and get it printed... and mail it out to your prospects and existing clients. I really want you to give it a good college try.

And I'm willing to take all the risk on it. If you try it and don't like it... just let me know after your trial period ends, immediately after we deliver the second issue to you. No hard feelings.. it didn't work for you. At least you tried it.

But if you discover, like my other clients have, the incredible value a newsletter offers both tangibly and intangibly... and you want to continue, the ongoing fee will be $399 a month.

As you might imagine, a customized program like this involves lots of hours of preparation... so I have to limit the number of companies that can take advantage of it at this time. Thus, the deadline for this $2/2month trial offer is the end of August or by the time 21 companies take me up on it.

Here is a sample of the newsletter we did for Mike Sullivan at Automated Records in State College, PA. Click the link and it will open a PDF version in a new window for you. Automated August Newsletter

Now's the time to make a decision. Failing to do so means you might miss out on this huge opportunity. Again there's no risk to you. Well, $2 of risk. And if you decide not to continue... heck, I'll give your $2.00 back if you want it.

So officially, NO RISK!

Click the link below to go to the registration page right now.

Tom, I Want To Try Your Client Newsletter Program


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